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14 Jan, 18 _ Uncategorized
Have you been affected by DMB solutions going into Liquidation? Are you in the planning or building regulations stage, or on site? Depending where you were in the process with […]
22 Oct, 17 _ Modular
We have been looking at offsite construction, material resources and the impact of modular construction.
16 Aug, 17 _ Architecture
Last week we asked one of the partners to take a picture every day, to help some of our clients see what we do and what that means.
16 Aug, 17 _ News
Construction can at times be a painful business. Throughout the life cycle of a project, from inception all the way through to handover, there tends to be aches, pains and niggles that chip away at a construction professional’s ability, motivation (and sanity!?) to deliver a project on time, on bu
11 Apr, 17 _ Uncategorized
I had a day out on Saturday at the Tate Britain. I do love old buildings so it was great to see how the building has developed and changed over the years.
06 Apr, 17 _ Uncategorized
Following on from our 2012-13 project at Brighton’s Richardson’s Yard, Cityzen were fortunate to work with developer QED Sustainable Urban Developments Ltd once again to deliver a temporary container housing […]
11 Mar, 17 _ Uncategorized
It’s been a full week for me and the team so I thought I’d write up what my week looked like, just so you all can see what I get […]
10 Feb, 17 _ Uncategorized
Today I had an invite to Westminster to: “Low Carbon Housing: how policy needs to change” Run by the “Centre on energy innovation and energy demand” and the “Energy saving […]
22 Jul, 16 _ Uncategorized
On the 11th of november 2013 I had just met a new prospective client with a newly purchased Listed property which had a quirky ‘staircase to no where’ that was […]