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14 Jan, 18 _ Uncategorized
Have you been affected by DMB solutions going into Liquidation?
22 Oct, 17 _ Modular
We have been looking at offsite construction, material resources and the impact of modular construction.
16 Aug, 17 _ Architecture
Last week we asked one of the partners to take a picture every day, to help some of our clients see what we do and what that means.
16 Aug, 17 _ News
Construction can at times be a painful business. Throughout the life cycle of a project, from inception all the way through to handover, there tends to be aches, pains and niggles that chip away at a construction professional’s ability, motivation (and sanity!?) to deliver a project on time, on bu
11 Apr, 17 _ Uncategorized
I had a day out on Saturday at the Tate Britain. I do love old buildings so it was great to see how the building has developed and changed over the years.
06 Apr, 17 _ Uncategorized
Following on from our 2012-13 project at Brighton’s Richardson’s Yard, Cityzen were fortunate to work with developer QED Sustainable Urban Developments Ltd once again to deliver a temporary container housing […]
11 Mar, 17 _ Uncategorized
It’s been a full week for me and the team so I thought I’d write up what my week looked like, just so you all can see what I get […]
10 Feb, 17 _ Uncategorized
Today I had an invite to Westminster to: “Low Carbon Housing: how policy needs to change” Run by the “Centre on energy innovation and energy demand” and the “Energy saving […]
22 Jul, 16 _ Uncategorized
On the 11th of november 2013 I had just met a new prospective client with a newly purchased Listed property which had a quirky ‘staircase to no where’ that was […]