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20 Sep, 18 _ architect
Our detailed design packages offer pain relief.
09 Aug, 18 _ News
So you have a listed building, what does it mean?
03 Aug, 18 _ architect
Now registered with the ARB, Ainara is officially an architect in the UK!
17 Jul, 18 _ Project Management
Previously we’ve explored the basics of project management and who you can hire as your project manager. In the first of those posts, we stated that the main challenge of project management […]
11 Jul, 18 _ Project Management
Previously we explored the basics of project management. In this post, we look at options available for overseeing work on site – who can fulfil the project manager role? You […]
03 Jul, 18 _ Project Management
In the first of a series of posts about project management and build projects, we tackle the basics and outline the benefits of hiring a project manager. What is project […]
18 Jun, 18 _ News
My experience and presentation at the London festival of Architecture 2018
13 Jun, 18 _ Architecture
Charlotte has written a Blog for Plus Accounting!
11 Jun, 18 _ Architecture
Sometimes all you need is 20 minutes to talk through a problem with someone who can offer experience and a fresh pair of eyes. This was the case for some […]
01 May, 18 _ Architecture
10 starter questions to think about if you have a home improvement project in mind.