Unanimous Planning Decision Achieved

We’re very pleased to announce that one of our planning applications achieved a unanimous positive decision at Arun Council this week for a new build home to proceed. The client had been recommended to us by a previous client and originally asked us to produce a building regulations pack for their new extension. Although we don’t often do private work, we were happy to do this for them. 

Once we had started looking at the existing scheme and discussed it with all the stakeholders involved, it became clear that a whole new property would be a more suitable solution. The client’s original team trusted us to take it forward. So we undertook the development of the scheme and put together the Design and Access statement, as well as various reports for planning.

We were in constant contact with the planners during the entire process, gauging the responses and providing them with the information required to ensure we had a suitable outcome.

While planning isn’t our core expertise, our many years of experience across the architectural and design landscape meant that we could look at what had been originally decided, know that this would not work for the client’s needs, and also provide a more suitable solution.   In this way, we were happy to take the project on and we’re also proud that both our client and the client’s original team trusted us to do the right thing, which achieved a result that worked for everyone involved. As a small and adaptable team, we were able to quickly assess and provide solutions for a project that required considerable changes and make sure that the right solution was found for both the client and the planning authorities. Contact us to see how we can help with your projects today.

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