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Designing for Construction

Cityzen is an award-winning, multidisciplinary design practice. We work with commercial contractors, property developers, fellow professionals and business owners.
Coordinated design is standard, with both architectural design and M&E consultancy capabilities in house. As designs develop, they are fed into from both disciplines, helping to eliminate any clashes and errors that might otherwise arise between the two. Our design process takes into account how you want the space to work, and how much it will cost to build and run. And to avoid unwelcome surprises later on, we prefer to design with energy performance in mind from the earliest stages.
Numerous aspects of design and construction can jeopardise a project’s profit margins. Our reputation for detailed construction design means contractors can accurately price against the drawings. With cost confidence and minimal risk, projects are easier to manage.
Decisions and unexpected issues can sometimes delay progress onsite. We excel at troubleshooting under pressure, to find solutions that will keep projects on track. We’re pragmatic, quick to respond, and can help expedite decision-making.
Put simply, we’re a safe pair of hands.


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