What a month

What a crazy month!?

Meetings and speaking took up most of my weeks, prepping presentations and looking at what the team had done in my absence and then of to Hungary for meetings. I spoke at the Container Traders and Innovators Association event in Westminster discussing the technical issues with using containers and giving guidance on how sites should be looked at, a good event looking at a broad section of container usage thankfully I spoke at the Explore Offsite Conference the week before so I could just tweek the presentation!  Meanwhile back in the office the team received planning on a small London extension we have been working on since Christmas,  lots of interested parties and a trick little site.

Our involvement with the Brighton University Solar Decathlon Project Stepped up a gear to ensure that the Deliverable 1 got submitted on time! This is going to be a real challenging project which we are excited to be part of (I’ll do a full update at some point in the future!), I also went to Hungary with the student team to look at how the project was going to run and what the requirements are, a pretty streching task, build a building in Brighton, them move it to Hungary for testing then back to Brighton!

The team has also been working hard on a really constrained tiny house project which is going to be on a really small plot in Brighton, as ever lots of interested parties and a challenge to make the space work. But we like a challenge.

Mixed in with this our Boutique Hotel project was coming to the final stretch, our big design project with FMA Architects kicked into gear and a few other small projects started down the initial stages!

All good really.

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