An Idea?

On the 11th of november 2013 I had just met a new prospective client with a newly purchased Listed property which had a quirky ‘staircase to no where’ that was a left over piece of history from when it was originally two separate buildings. Today I just finished doing a joinery drawing for the idea I had back on the 11th of November 2013, 982 days ago! Listed buildings take a long time to get through planning, have lots of unknowns and issues which mean plans change and it can be quite stressful for the client and us as designers as well.

The first two years of the project was just developing the brief and negotiation with the conservation officer as to what common ground we could find between the wants of the client and the wants of the planners.  The last year has been developing the design to building regulations again meeting needs of the conservation officer and the client, specifying everything so as builders could tender for the works. Once on site we have an archaeological team on site and found some of the building structurally unsound so back to the planners and building regs.

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