Conservation Area Office




Building Control design, M&E concept design, coordination, site advisors


Lomax Design – Architects (initial planning), Total Building Control


Clients Team

Total Build Cost

£ <0.5m

We worked with the client to develop the original planning drawings from Lomax Design to generate a set of building regulation drawings to enable the client’s contractor to take the design to site.

The end goal was to take the existing 2 story building and add an extra floor of usable space within it whilst keeping to the original planning design developed by Lomax Design.

We worked closely with the team to ensure their design intent was kept and to ensure their needs for quality and durability of products were met.

We coordinated the design between the structural and M&E engineers to help the client’s team get to a final design and get the building signed off.

The building was modelled and detailed in Revit to ensure a coordinated package for the contractors. As well as to minimise site risks as the building was of interest because it was adjacent to a listed property and in a conservation area. There were a lot of interested parties.

The building was successfully handed over in late 2022.