Conservation Area Office

Conservation Area Office next to a listed building

We worked with the client to develop the original planning drawings from Lomax Design to generate a set of building regulation drawings to enable the client’s contractor to take the design to site. The end goal was to take the existing 2 story building and add an extra floor of usable space within it whilst […]

Boutique Hotel – Brighton

Renovation of a Boutique Hotel in Brighton

This is our second collaboration with the client, following a successful hotel redevelopment completed in 2018. The project is a property renovation, creating another boutique hotel that is remotely manned and monitored (removing the need for a traditional reception). The hotel is designed to be a fun space in the centre of town, with a focus on […]

St. James’ Square – London

St James' Sq in London retention of listed façade and redevelopment of internal structure

We worked with the contractor to deliver the thermal, airtightness and leadwork design packages on this project in St James Square, London. It involved the retention of the listed façade and complete demolition and redevelopment of the internal structure to provide new commercial and office space. As part of their construction works, we were employed […]

Modular Hotel – Oxfordshire

Modular Hotel in Oxfordshire

Our client asked us to develop a modular hotel scheme for outline planning on this Brownfield car park site in Oxfordshire. The site had been underused and was earmarked within the local plan for development, but no one had unlocked the potential for this site. The goal was a 30-year term (for use of the […]

Boutique Hotel – Kemptown

Boutique Hotel in Kemptown

We helped redevelop this small, boutique hotel in Brighton. It was our client’s first hotel project, having previously undertaken co-working / co-living spaces. They wanted to create “a new type of self service hotel offering; convenient digital self check-in, luxurious sleep experience, superfast WiFi, kitchenettes and beautifully designed bedrooms.” It would be remotely manned and monitored, […]

Care Home – Brighton

Modern Design Care Home in Brighton

The Cityzen team have worked on a number of care homes, helping to create welcoming spaces for those in need of care. So we were approached to provide M&E design services for this project. We were initially told it was a basic house and that the services were in hand, but soon found out that […]

Brighthelm Centre – Brighton

Brighthelm centre planning - Brighton

The Brighthelm Centre in central Brighton comprises a church, event space, cafe and offices. Cityzen were brought in to assess and fix their heating and ventilation systems; the boilers were old and falling over, the ventilation system didn’t seem to work and clients were complaining about being cold. The first thing we did was find out […]

Discovery Centre – Combe Valley

Combe Valley Discovery Centre container building

Cityzen was approached by QED and their client, Groundwork South, to develop an open site to provide a recreational and educational centre. The building was developed from 3 single use 40 foot containers. The containers were converted to provide office, communal activity and meeting spaces.   Cityzen took the concept and detailed the project to meet […]

Solar Arrays – Brighton and Hove

Solar Arrays installed in Brighton and Hove

We assisted Brighton Energy Coop with their planning submissions, providing design advice and consultancy to enable them to install a number of arrays around Brighton & Hove. They are funded via community shares, and aim to give their members a return on investment, with anticipated rises each year from the feed-in tariffs and sale of generated electricity. The systems are […]

Low Carbon Strategy – Southern England

Low Carbon Strategy Map of Sussex

We captured data about the carbon efficiency of Southern Co-op buildings to help the retailer make informed decisions about its building portfolio. They are bound by the government’s CRC scheme to monitor and report its carbon and we are committed to helping them reduce their energy usage. Changes to the thermal performance of their buildings, […]