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This property is a grade II listed building in the East Cliff Conservation Area. It is part of a uniform terrace of regency revival style buildings, fronting Marine Parade. The building dates from 1845-1850 and was originally built as terraced houses. When we worked on it, it was a hostel and in need of refurbishment. We carried out research to develop our heritage statement which revealed that many alterations have happened since its construction. The most significant was the conversion into a hotel in 1877 (ref.99.2195).

Part of the work was to schedule out the 103 windows and note the condition as to propose repair or replacement. Historic photographs show that the glazing arrangement now is the same as it was in 1984 when the property was known as the Royal Promenade Hotel. However; some of the original windows were far earlier so it was important for us to debate the correct period and style of what was currently installed and what was a suitable replacement where required.  

Planning was gained and the project was put out for tender with the clients.