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The Pre-Construction Timeline

Everyone is always in a hurry! But it’s understandable. After dreaming about your new build or home renovation / extension for some time and having finally decided to take the plunge (with the financial side sorted out), you want to make it all happen as soon as possible.

The reality (which no one wants to hear and sadly no one remembers once a project kicks off!) is that the pre-construction phases take time:

– a lot longer than you would think, and
– certainly nowhere near as quick as you’d like!

What’s worse is that we are often expected to make guarantees about how long each step will take but, due to the numerous parties involved, nothing is guaranteed.

One thing we can say for certain is that we are driven by the same ambitions as you are – to get a quality build completed as quickly as possible, which delivers a space(s) that gives you what you need.

We can also say with confidence that the fastest way to get permissions (from your Local Planning Authority and Building Control), accurate bids from builders, and work starting on site is to work with your designer at an early stage to clarify the full scope of works.

Cutting out the design element out of the schedule is never a good way to save time. It’ll be much more painful waiting for planning / building regulations approval, not to mention delays that will happen if you make design decisions as you go along, as well as extra costs charged by your builder as the scope of works changes.

Trying to overlap elements of the design phase (e.g. getting building regulations drawings done before planning permission has been granted) is a high-risk approach to speeding things up.  That’s your choice, of course. And we are happy to do so, if instructed. But it would be remiss of us not to point out that it could be a costly approach should things not go as hoped. If, for example, the Planning Department requests amendments, this will impact on the building regulations package and may also need to be amended and re-submitted.

Based on our experience and the questions / feedback we get from our clients, here’s a visual guide we’ve created to show the pre-construction timeline:

PRECONSTRUCTION TIMELINE (with link to website)

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