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Total Build Cost

It was quite a lot

We have worked with a number of stakeholders on one project, which we can’t tell you about. Any names and places have been removed.

But we can say what we have done, which was provide Architectural and M&E services for the client, their stakeholders and the contractor. This has included fact finding for the original systems, getting technical surveys done to create new O&M documentation, developing new systems for the site and improving the infrastructure.  

We also checked the contractor’s designs and coordinated new systems for the clients’ new event space. We worked closely with the client’s team to coordinate the old systems and provide new AV, security, lighting , heating and power supplies to various buildings within the site. We worked alongside the client’s Architect to provide M&E services in a number of the new buildings. And we have worked as Architectural Consultants on other schemes within the site.

Our team worked with the clients’ stakeholders to provide oversight on all the projects taking the Lead Designer Role, ensuring the new buildings on site were coordinated between the various parties involved.

Our team undertook survey work on one of the existing listed properties to look at the functionality and put forward a new lighting control system. This was then retro fitted within the building in a very tight timescale whilst the occupier was away.

We have continued to work with this client to provide various Architecture and M&E projects from 2019 and into 2022.

If you want to know what we can do for you or your clients let us know. We have worked with a number of HNW and UHNW clients over the years and can offer various services that can provide discretion and security. With the goal of getting the job done, no matter the task or request (within reason!)

These are some of the things we have had over the years:

Client flying in by helicopter later today for 15mins? Can you make a meeting?

Yes that’s the real art! But that was in the Tate modem last week? Oh, you lent it to them…..

Can we move those pots while we adjust the lighting positions, oh they are worth half a million, ok but get a specialist in.

How many cars? Oh, and all red ones, ok then.

Ballet room? That’s a first.

DJ booth, and everything sound proofed? 12kW speakers? Ok, we’ll upgrade the loadings and the acoustics.

Underground security room with Generator set and a squash court, all under that listed barn? Ok then.

Secret Police on the grounds and Ex Gurkha’s are site security, ok we’ll play nicely.

We need to be background checked, then security checked as we enter and leave, yep not a problem.