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Project Planning Pack

Download your free pack

Are you in the initial research phase of your building project? If so, we’ve put together an informative, downloadable PDF pack to guide you through this phase.

Our free project planning pack aims to help: 1) reduce project risk, and 2) improve project design. It covers:

  • An introduction to the building project roadmap
  • A building cost estimator tool
  • Questions to ask when hiring a design practice
  • How to create a design brief

There’s a bit of myth busting as well as a ‘readiness slider’, which will help you assess if you are ready to move to the design phase.

The pack also includes our personal directory of construction professionals (e.g. planning consultants, surveyors, structural engineers, etc.) – these are people we trust.

Insufficient project planning accounts for so many building projects going over time and over budget. Rushing into the design phase is like making decisions about medical treatment without a diagnosis!

We want you to avoid the issues we know can often arise, and hope you find the project planning pack useful.

And if there’s anything you think we could help with, please get in touch!