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Building Services Audit, Sussex
Cityzen created a database of every item of building services equipment installed throughout this Sussex estate.





Asset Controls (controls specialist), Technics Group (surveyor), DGM Electrical (electrical contractor), N Price (mechanical contractor)

The client approached us to undertake a non-destructive audit of the main house, outbuildings and grounds – collecting all relevant information about every item of building services equipment – to aid future works.

When they purchased this Sussex country estate, no history was provided in regard to work previously undertaken.

The principal building had been rewired with KNX automation by a German company, and all the products, software, and labelling were in German. And the new owners had no knowledge of where the services were in the grounds, nor their condition.

We put a team together to find out what building services had been installed: where every item was located, its condition, how it worked and where it was controlled from. 

Cityzen created new CAD plans, detailing the positions of all equipment: data, wireless data coverage areas and points, telephony, television, home automation, CCTV, fire alarm, security alarm, gate control, electricity, mechanical services, drainage runs, incoming utilities, etc. These plans were clearly referenced with accompanying data sheets where applicable. We produced new mains schematics, and collated all other inputs from specialist consultants/contractors into a master set of drawings and information.

Asset Controls helped to determine the control methodology for lighting and heating controls. Technics Group carried out a number of surveys – topographical, underground utility mapping (service routes) as well as internal (service runs) and CCTV (drainage routes). DGM Electrical assisted with opening up electrical items to access internal workings. Likewise, our appointed mechanical contractor, N Price, opened up mechanical items so we could identify manufacturers and equipment types.

Site security was tight, and access was restricted to specified times and locations. We oversaw all third parties attending site, so we had to be meticulous in the coordination of our own work as well as theirs. We spent around two weeks on site in total.

Once all the information was gathered and drawn up, we created a final report on the position and condition of everything that was found, including photographs and video footage, together with a full set of drawings and product spreadsheets. This has given the new owner’s Facilities Manager a full suite of editable documents they can quickly and easily reference and update as future changes happen.

This was a challenging project, but incredibly satisfying once the building services audit was complete. And we got to see some amazing technology in action, for example the mobile ground-penetrating radar used by Technics Group!