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New build Brighton Road
Cityzen has designed this pair of new modern homes



Architecture, M&E


RGP - Trasport Planning and Infrastructure Design, Acoustic Associates - Acoustic survey





Total build cost


We worked with our 2 sets of clients to provide them both with a pair of dwellings to replace their existing home.

The key aspect of the project was to get a view of the sea from the property, the existing property has a view of the sea if you are in the attic space but that is it, both clients wanted to maximise this and to create homes where they can live long-term with flexibility in the future as they get older.

We developed the concepts and final design with the clients and got it into planning early 2018, and negotiated with the planners and neighbours to gain a positive decision in October 2018.

Due to the position of the site being on the main seafront road, we had to incorporate and develop the design with RGP traffic consultants and Acoustic Associates to ensure safe parking and access together with noise mitigation strategies to ensure the building provides quite sleeping accommodation.

We are now looking at the build system and demolition ready to start on site in 2019.

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