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22 Oct, 17 / post / Modular
Offsite Construction

Why offsite construction?

We have been looking at offsite construction, material resources and the impact of modular construction since 2006. Over the last 6 years we have been implementing our design knowledge and learning to create homes and commercial spaces using offsite manufactured units, such as shipping containers.

This gives our clients more cost and quality certainty as well as a reduced time on site, reducing stress to neighbouring properties and communities.

The devil is in the detail, unlike most construction projects, where risers and junctions are left to the builders to deal with, taking up precious site time, we design and develop every detail, getting buy in from the whole design team and suppliers.  This means things fit together when they are on site. The building becomes a product, replicated details, junctions and components all built and checked in the factory. This also limits the wet trades on site, reducing mess and potential damage and is better for security of products as a secure and complete unit is delivered to site.

This year we have developed a number of typical container unit designs, which can be quickly built and deployed to help our clients get build density, quality and compliance. The different units can have different levels of finish, and we have ensured that the end product can meet commercial or domestic building regulation approval, depending on the site and the client’s needs.

We are currently helping our clients QED  deliver 60 of the above units for Ealing Council for one of their crisis housing schemes.

(click on the link to see the show unit, and check back soon for the grand unveiling!

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