Luxury Refurbishment – Kensington


Beauval Interiors


Architecture, M&E, lighting design and controls, AV integration



Baxall Construction, DGN Electrical, Mayflower AV, Joinery Classics, Asset Integrated Controls, Derham and Ball Mechanical

Total Build Cost

The project involved a full strip out and redesign of the existing layout to create a simple beautiful apartment for the client.

As part of the design, we were asked to specify specialist acoustic treatments for many of the walls. This was required to isolate the rooms and provide peaceful environments for the occupants, keeping the noise of London out and the clarity of sound inside, to aid the client’s passion for music production.

Revised room layouts were developed to maximise the spaces and create more of a gallery experience walking through the property. Light and space were important considerations for both ourselves and the interior designers.

We also performed the complex task of coordinating the needs of various parties – some of whom were based abroad – ensuring the freeholder, solicitors and other tenants were happy with the works, as well as Planning and Building Control departments.

Photos of the luxury refurbishment by Khaled Kassem & Cityzen.