University of Sussex Laundry Building – Brighton


University of Sussex


Building Control design, Coordination, Site advisors, and creators of 3D images


McConville’s Surveying (Employers Agent), Owens Consulting Engineers, SWECO Building Control.



Total Build Cost


We worked with Cheesmur to develop the original planning drawings from McConvilles Surveying to generate a set of Building regulation drawings as part of their D&B contract. We worked closely with the team to ensure their design intent was kept and to ensure their needs for quality and durability of products were met.

Speed of build and a short programme was everything so the discussion and thought around the most time efficient and cost effective solution was highly important.

Pre-fab solutions and SIPs were considered, but the manufacturing timescales would not meet the required programme in this instance.

Between the contractor, structural engineer and ourselves we arrived at the solution of the raft concrete slab, timber framed system. This took account of the shallow services and existing site conditions, speed of build required, availability of materials and cost.

During the design phase we coordinated the design between the structural and M&E engineers, to ensure there were no clashes on site and to minimise on-site problems.

The building was modelled and detailed in Revit to ensure a coordinated package for the contractors, and to minimise site risks. From this, we were also able to create Visuals for the clients to show what the building would look like for their inhouse marketing and communications.

The building was handed over ready for the Autumn 2022 semester.