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How can we save energy and running costs?

“We want to save running costs” is a need often expressed to Cityzen by owners and managers of commercial or community buildings.  Saving energy for commercial companies immediately improves the bottom line, how much easier to reduce on costs compared to increasing profit? For public sector clients and communities it is about the need to reduce overheads in these tightened times. Of course being environmentally responsible also plays a significant part.

We have just started on a project with the Brighton Quakers helping them reduce the energy demand of the Grade II Listed Brighton Friends’ Meeting House, and are part way through our 200 building survey of The Southern Cooperative supermarkets and funeral care buildings. We are experienced in diverse projects where the buildings all have their own challenges, some being protected due to an English Heritage Listing, or not owned by the client and so they need to liaise with the landlord, or make the best they can. User behaviour is also of key importance.

Our strategy is always fabric first, can the building envelope (walls, roof, window, floor) be improved so that the building requires less energy to keep warm- or cool. We also benchmark the building against industry standards so check the utility bills, which will highlight if there is an issue- and of course this can be user behaviour as well as the performance of the building.


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