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04 Mar, 14 / post / News
Building with waste – The ultimate eco build…

We’ve seen in recent weeks a bit of a trend on some of the blogs and news feeds that we follow here at Cityzen, towards recyclable housing and housing built using waste products.  The variety and imagination shown in all of these various concepts and constructed projects is really very inspiring.

Of course, it’s nothing new to build with waste, by-products or just using the materials you have to hand – think Cob, Straw bales, Bungaroosh etc, all the way through to shipping containers, pallets and old tyres.

We are quite lucky to have some really good local examples of building using waste materials in the form of the Earthship and more recently the Waste House at Brighton University by BBM Sustainable Design.

We have been fortunate enough to have been involved in another local project at Richardson’s Yard where containers have been used to create houses for the Brighton Housing Trust, for those who have found themselves homeless; see our earlier blog post for more information.

Cityzen’s Stuart Chapman wrote his dissertation on the possible use of timber pallets as building components, developing and testing a modular system in the labs during his final year studies at the University of Brighton.  A focus on this area was taking the pallets out of the waste stream and putting them to use and what he found was that the strength of these pallets in a wall construction tended to be as strong as a traditional timber frame construction.

Pallet House Section
Stuart’s work on the use of timber pallets as a timber framing system was shortlisted for the TRADA Innovation in Timber award in 2006.

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