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16 Aug, 17 / post / Architecture
A week in pictures

Last week we asked one of the partners to take a picture every day, to help some of our clients see what we do and what that means.


Monday: Revised a pack of drawings for Listed Building consent earlier in the week. Detailing existing historic buildings and finding out the history is great fun but can be time consuming! We often get involved with period and special properties which we really enjoy and find rewarding to work on.


Tuesday: Our London penthouse project started as a ‘light touch’…now it seems that every room is being ripped out and redesigned with new acoustic and thermal linings, new services, new cinema room, new games room – the list goes on!

CDM and Project Management
CDM and Project Management for one of our design projects

Wednesday: Project information day. Spent most of the day finishing details and looking at the CDM 2007 designers risks for one of our projects, along with getting a few details looked at. A lot of our time is now spent ensuring the information trail is complete, helping the contractors and clients ensure that as much of the information as possible is provided at the right time for each project and that it can be built in a safe timely way.


Some days, when doing surveys, we get to see towns from a perspective that most never see (roof top looking over Brighton).


Thursday: Old boiler plant survey in Brighton, to be designed and reinstalled before the winter! Now we have to go through all the old record drawings and manuals to find out what’s been done over the years and how it all works now.


Some light reading for the weekend! We are currently transitioning to a BIM workflow to improve out data output along the lines of the government’s new requirements.

cityzens office

Why we like our office: walk out the door and we have this! When the weather is good we can sit out and have lunch and watch the ships go by. 15 min to central Brighton, 10 min walk to our local station. The energy of the port is great, always moving and changing.



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