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(Just) Another Week at Cityzen!

It’s been a full week for me and the team so I thought I’d write up what my week looked like, just so you all can see what I get up to in a week and some of the projects we are working on.


  • First job every week, workload meeting prepping me and the team for the week ahead. (so Mondays are not a good time to call me!)
  • We got the photos for one of our small projects from our favourite Photographer Simon Callaghan which look amazing now the client has moved in.

  • Then at lunchtime, we went to a new project meeting with an existing client to discuss a new property above an existing building, in Brighton. We also got some great feedback about the service we previously provided to the client which was great to hear!
  • Dropped into Parker Bathrooms in Brighton to discuss products for our Listed project, great guys with am amazing knowledge of sanitaryware products.
  • In the afternoon we had a meeting with our Business coach to keep us on track, it’s always good to have a few hours out to take an overview of the business and look at what we are doing and why? Followed by a few hours of going through our action from the day to make sure the week goes smoothly as it’s a busy one.


  •  Run through our Listed building project to mop up any outstanding items as I’m out of the office most of the week.
  • Run through a new project where we are designing a new extension and whole house refurb, I imparted my sketches and the clients want’s to Roman and Ainara to set them off and program in the design work.
  • Quick walk at lunch time and saw a new fox in the builders merchants just along from our offices, I like seeing nature in our little industrial area by our office, we are only 2 minutes from the sea, but we don’t often get out to the natural world, which we all should do more of!



  • Then in the afternoon, we ran through our innovation centre project ready for a site meeting on Thursday, checking we were upto date on the Building regulations sign off and had answered all the clients and contractors questions and our filing was upto date.


  •  Early start off to London with the team to check out some social housing container homes we have been working on. it’s good to get everyone on the team to site to experience a project and understand the constraints and to see a book I’m referenced in on site. The project is one of a few socially responsible projects we are doing at the moment and we are proud to help people through architecture. (keep an eye out for photos soon)



  • Then off to Ecobuild, bit smaller than usual this year and me, nor the team found any really innovative products but some really good talks were on, I could spend 3 days there listening to talks!




  •  In the office for a few hours catching up on the urgent/important emails and project questions from the team
  • Then a drive to kent from a design team meeting about Innovation Studios we have been doing the detailing and services designs on, not much to see yet but things should start happening pretty quick once the modules arrive.




  •  Started the day picking up some locks en route to our listed project from Banfields & Sons (Architectural Ironmongers since 1856) nice guys who know their clasps from their latches.
  • Then to site for a catch up on our listed project and give them the locks, we have been working on this project for since December 2013 and it’s really nice to see it finally coming together, with the second fix well underway, and external elements now starting to be done, new molded pilaster has finally been built, and the building is starting to look great, I can’t wait for the scaffolding to be struck in a few weeks time once all the painting is finished.



  • Skipped lunch for a meeting at Brighton University with our BYTs (Bright Young Things) Marketing Students, to catch up on how they are doing on our marketing research, it’s great for us to have a resource for us to go “can you look into this for us?” and they come back with answers!
  • Quick stop back in the office to do a quick design for a client to take to their board on Monday, followed by a hasty exit as I realised I had to be at the Amex Stadium in Brighton for an informal networking event at the Football, courtesy of Baystar, having never been to a football game it was an interesting night and the company was great! And some goals were scored which I believe is a good thing!





  • Back in the office to catch up on the emails and do a bit of design, Matt has done me a few VR panoramas in Revit to check out for clients which is cool, we are trying to do everything in Revit now which is fun for me, having started out on a drawing board then 28 years of AutoCAD it’s quite a change!



Here’s looking to a day off tomorrow and another big week next week!

John Smith MCIAT.

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